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Hi! I’m Jessica Rose, an ex fashion industry professional.  Believe it or not, I never really set out to be an eco fashion designer.  I started my career working at manufacturers in Montreal, where I saw quite a few interesting things.  This means I learned a lot about the business of fashion.  I worked at a fast pace, always rushing to meet the next delivery date.  As a consequence, I also became quite demotivated and frustrated with the system.  As one of my bosses told me, my heart wasn’t in it anymore.

I saw how responsibility in fashion was more of an afterthought than a top priority. Fast forward almost 25 years after I decided to leave the industry.  We see more eco conscious fashion brands than before.  That’s encouraging, but the future of the clothing industry is still not all bright and rosy though.

From where I’m standing, I see many confused consumers.  People who want to look good but who don’t understand the game.  We often buy into fast fashion, only to be short changed more often than not.  I must admit that the fashion fails from Wish orders are always entertaining, but what’s the actual cost?

Why did I become an eco fashion designer ?
The Concept

The short answer : I found where my heart is.  I’ve been mulling the idea of making the industry more whole.  Where to begin?  How could I actually do something that would have an impact? Learning how to make sustainable fashion is anything but boring.  It can be complex if we’re tackling the issue from the standard way clothes are made today.
Making the industry more sustainable can seem like an impossible task.  That’s why I’m not going to change the industry.  Rather, I decided to empower myself and other creatives who want to join me.  That’s why I became and eco fashion designer.  There’s no going back now!

We can all be eco friendly fashion designers. I’m a firm believer that everyone who’s here, reading these words, has something inside of them that wants to explore.  I’d been asking myself  some questions over the years. Like how I could become more sustainable in a way that inspires me.

I understand that recycling is a must, I’m totally on board with that. But it’s not really creative and I don’t know much about the recycling industry.  Then, I started thinking of what I had been doing naturally over the years.  Had I ever seriously considered recycling my old clothes?  I mean refashioning, upcycling, restyling old clothes?  As I decided one day to unravel an old woolen sweater, I became an eco fashion designer on purpose.


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